Market Members for 2020

New vendors*

Collegeville Orchards

  Todd Buemer,
     St. Joseph
     apples, honey, seasonal produce

Wildwood Ranch Maple Syrup

  Shelly Carlson,
     St. Joseph
     maple syrup, maple syrup candies, seasonal produce

 Dancing the Land Farm

   Liz Dwyer and Curtis Weinrich,

    seasonal produce, wool products
, flowers, herbs

Emmerich's Produce & Pumpkins

  Terri and Jerry Emmerich,
     seasonal produce, herbs, herbal tea, free-range/woodland eggs,
     popcorn, cut flowers

Austin's Acres

   Austin Maile
   Preserved goods, Wood Fire Roasted Coffee, plants

Brenda Keim
     Sauk Rapids
     seasonal produce

Kirick Gardens

  Dan Kirick,
     St. Joseph
     seasonal produce, baked goods

David Morreim, Pattison Farm
    St. Cloud
     bedding plants, perennials

Jon B. Ness
     South Haven
     seasonal produce, honey, eggs

Novak's Vegetables

  Greg Novak,
     seasonal vegetables

Smude Enterprises, LLC

  Tom Smude,
     cold-pressed sunflower oil

Produce Acres

  Russ & Trese Willenbring,
     Cold Spring
     asparagus, seasonal produce, eggs, cut flowers, jams/jellies, pickles

Jim Wirz
     seasonal produce

JK Bees
John Berglund

   South Haven
   honey, preserved goods,

Just Food Collective

Kate Ritger

seasonal produce

Backwards Bread Co

Travis Harjes

Patty's Homemade Caramel Corn
  Patty Scott,

      St. Cloud
      caramel corn, cheesy corn, popcorn

Laura The Cookie Lady

Cold Spring
Fresh homemade cookies, carmal rolls, rhubarb bread, banana bread,

zucchini bread, honey whole wheat bread, pies and Jams

Redhead Creamery


Triple H Acres

Meat, Seasonal Produce, preserved goods, freeze dried Items

New Vendors:

Naturally Homemade Creations

The Potted Meadow

Sunset Creek Farm

Photos by Alana Emmerich